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The Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) will help with the process of turning important issues and research ideas into high quality research projects and eventually helping convey the results of these studies back to the community as a whole. Whenever there is a concern or idea for a new research project, this core will help to convene a group of people who represent the community as well as scientists to advise the study team at various points throughout the study. This core will connect the study team to resources in the CHARMED center as well as in the institution to assemble a high-quality research plan and conduct the study in the most thoughtful way, both scientifically as well as with regards to being representative of the community’s needs and concerns.  When the study is completed, the core will connect the study team to resources to make sure that the study results are shared so that they have maximum impact on the health of people in this community.


What can the IHSFC do for community members?

We believe the IHSFC will help make sure that when you share your ideas and concerns with the CHARMED center, that the resulting research projects are not only true to your ideas and concerns but also provide important and high quality information that can impact community and stakeholder perspectives and outcomes.  

Figure: Overview of IHSFC Services
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