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The goal of the Exposure Characterization and Modeling Core (ECMC) is to understand how exposures to environmental factors can impact the health of communities and to translate our findings into action to protect and promote the health and well-being of vulnerable communities in the CHARMED region. We will provide researchers and their community partners with expertise to deploy appropriate exposure assessment technologies, cutting-edge characterization facilities for environmental samples, state-of-the-art spatiotemporal modeling capability, and consulting services for interpreting exposure data.

What can the ECMC do for researchers?

The ECMC provides comprehensive infrastructure for exposure assessment in air, water, and biological samples. We will provide consultation and guidance to determine measurement needs, deploy appropriate sampling methodology, analyze samples, conduct statistical data analysis, and facilitate results interpretation. We can also work with researchers to develop new and innovative exposure assessment solutions to address emerging problems. For laboratory-based researchers, we can help with establishing protocols for exposure assessment in cellular or animal models. Finally, for projects where measurements may not be the best approach, we can help with modeling of exposures through air quality models, spatial statistics, and other tools.

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What can the ECMC do for community members?

We can connect you with researchers to address environmental exposures of concern in your community.  We can help deploy lower-cost sensor networks, collect samples for detailed chemical analysis, or develop models to estimate exposures under different scenarios.

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Figure: Exposure Characterization Modeling Core and relationship to other Cores in CHARMED.
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